Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Brother's Halaqa

Good News For All(Brothers)
Brother's Halaqa will be organized every Sunday right after Maghrib Prayer. Details of the Halaqa as below:

We'll start after Maghrib prayer until Isya', Around 5.30 p.m until 7.30 p.m
Place: The New Cork Mosque
Activities: 1)Reciting Al-Quran and discussion about the tafsir. We will start with the Chapter 30
in the Quran (the first Surah will be Surah 78; Al-Naba')
2) 40 Hadith By Imam Nawawi
3) Seerah Rasulullah pbuh.
4) Discussion base on Riyadu As-Solihin

All are invited to come


Marwan said...


Such a meeting is a great idea. Hopefully the contents of the meeting can be more flexible and changeable over the weeks.

This should be a good opportunity to develope brotherhood and thought.



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