Sunday, 10 February 2008

Harun Yahya Conference-"An Invitation To The Truth"

Atlas of Creation: Nightmare for Darwinism

Date:18th February 2008, Monday

Time: 6.oopm-10.oopm

Admission: 3 Euro, Open to Public

This conference will present the
collapse of the theory of evolution because this theory constitutes the basis of all anti-spiritual philosophies Since Darwinism rejects the fact of creation—and therefore, God's existence—over the last 140 years it has caused many people to abandon their faith or fall into doubt. This talk will focus on scientific refutation of Darwinism through fossil record and palaeontology.

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Anonymous said...

This is fraudulent creationist propaganda and lies.

Anonymous said...

lets come and see what its all about actually..."don't judge a book by its cover"

Anonymous said...

"Collapse of the theory of evolution"? This type of religious propaganda makes me sick. The book "Atlas of Creation" is a collection of falsifications and down right lies.

Anonymous said...

Lies?then lets shows the truth.Lets stop the liar...
religious propaganda?which religion is that make you sick?Don't you want to find some treatment for it?

LogicOnly said...

"which religion is that make you sick?" Fundamentalist, creationist ones like Yahya's interpretation of Islam, which attempts to manipulate people through lies and prays on their ignorance of science and history. "Don't you want to find some treatment for it?" -, sign up. I have. How ironic it is that a fundamentalist like Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktra) blames terrorism on Darwinism. Now that makes me laugh. See for more info and

Peter Household said...

As one of the very few non-Muslims who attended the event, I hope these comments will be of interest. I am sorry to say my disappointment was extreme. Instead of proclaiming Islam’s scientific heritage, I find the Muslim Cultural Society has decided to yoke itself to the cause of anti-science.

Surely at the very least you ought to have invited a Muslim intellectual to create a counterbalance to the anti-science argument? To tell the proud story of Arabic and Muslim science and how it forms the foundation upon which modern European science was built, and to outline the position of Muslim scientists who believe in the scientific method as well as in God?

On the content of the anti-Darwin lecture, there's no room for my full catalogue of complaints, but may I just make a single point. Harun Yahya suggested that there wasn’t enough time since the universe began for evolution to have happened by chance. True! But it’s an argument that only convinces those who are ignorant of the theory of evolution. Evolution relies not on chance, but on natural selection. Harun Yahya wilfully misled the audience on this point. Surely there must have been students in the audience who study biology? Was it excessive politeness that held them from pointing this out?

There were too many other scientific inaccuracies to go into. But I can’t actually see how creationism strengthens the religion cause. As scientific knowledge progresses, the room left for God is smaller and smaller. Far be it from me to pass an opinion on such things but isn’t belittling God in this way blasphemous?

How sad that Islam should be associated with anti-science! How wrong-headed of the Muslim Cultural Society to align itself thus! How ironic to find yourselves arguing the same case as George W Bush!

I look forward to a future meeting where a more balanced view of contemporary Islam will be on display.

With best wishes from an admirer of Islamic culture.

Peter Household

Tengku Atique on 22 February 2008 at 23:00 said...
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MCS comittee said...

he did mention natural selection, actually. but he said it exists for evolution of within the same species, and it doesnt cause evolution from one species to a different one.

Creationism strengthens religion's cause because if one believe that one is created, one has to believe the existence of God. or at least i think that is how it works.

actually, the point of the talk is to show that Islam is aligned with science, by showing that scientific findings go along with Islamic teachings (the second part of the talk), but i dont know where it went wrong and delivered the opposite message to you, and for that i apologize.

and we appreciate your suggestion, we'll carry it forward for future events insyaAllah :]

logiconly said...

"Creationism strengthens religion's cause because if one believe that one is created, one has to believe the existence of God. or at least i think that is how it works." Not entirely true. One does not have to believe in a specific god, eg Yahweh, Brahma, Allah, Zeus, as a result of believing in creation. Creation theory does not infer enough characteristics about the creator to validate one religion over another. Using creation theory to "justify" one faith, ie Islam, is ridiculous.

Shamsudin said...

Peace be Upon You,

my dear friends,
yes you may be right, by accepting creationism, one not necessarily have to accept any specific God. Even one may think the the one who created all these complex and unique world is actually not a God. But if one think this way, one may think who else can create all these great creations?...if you believe that this world is a result from creation and at the same time you don't believe that the one who created this world is not s GOD, then you may want to share who is that creator? if you believe that this world is not created, then i hope you can share with us how we can exist?

thank you.

A Muslim Brother who just want to share the beauty of Islam,
Shamsudin Kasmori

Anonymous said...

Who created god? Intelligent Design answers nothing.

shamsudin said...

clearly because God is not been created and will never die


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