Monday, 29 September 2008

MCS Introductory Meeting and Iftar

Dia dhuit, Selamat, Bonjour, Goeie dag, Zdravstvuite, Sat siri akal, Adaab, Namasté, Néih hóu, Zao sin, Annyong, hashimnikka, Konnichi wa,Salam Alaikom and Hi To all,
*did i forget any language?!!*

A very warm welcome to the MCS for new members. thanks so much for signing up in MCS and we all hope to satisfy your expectations.
And for those who are already members, welcome back to college!! hope you had a very warm summer. at least I now I did!!

We will have a brief introductory meeting this Tuesday,30th September in G.10 Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. It'll start at 6.30 pm and followed by Iftar or breakfast or fatoor or even dinner for some of us (FREE FOOD!!)sessions whatever you want to name it. It last to some time around 8.30pm so write it down in your organiser and bee FREE at that time.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Kind Regards,
Mustafa Alquraish
Public Relations Officers
Muslim Cultural Society



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